Rock and Mineral Gifts for Her

Gift for Her–Rocks and Minerals to Charm

Is it time to start shopping for that o’ so special gift? Men—don’t wait until the last minute! Shop now to search the perfect gifts for her. Try something shimmering with crystal, the perfect rock and mineral to cherish, one that shines lovely and bright above all the rest.

Women love things that sparkle and shine. Maybe your gal is a smart cookie—she may be one who enjoys the mysteries of geology or the chase of a little rockhounding. Or perhaps, she’s a fantastic interior designer that embraces the organic, the natural, the “down to earth” cozy look of a room or the crystalline sparkle of a luxuriously rare interior design addition.

Rockology would like to let you in on the best rocks and mineral specimens to impress your lady this holiday season. It just so happens, ladies love the rocks and minerals we have in stock. Shop to find rock and mineral gifts for her.

Here are just a few of our favorite gifts for her that are sure to melt her heart:

1. Malachite

This stone is great for any woman—whether she likes to admire such specimens or just loves the stunning look of it! Malachite is a beautiful piece of green copper-carbonate-which gives it the same shades of color as the Statue of Liberty.


Yet it looks almost as fluid as rings and bands of deep turquoise-green and light shades of green mix to form an eye-catching stone of awe-inspiring wonder.

Shop Malachite >>

She won’t be able to take her eyes off it!

2.  Citrine Cluster

Citrine is especially appealing for ladies who love interior design, because it almost reminds you of a coconut and sets the warm cozy atmosphere of a room.


Shop for Citrine >>

Interior design chicks like natural, organic room additions.

3.  Amethyst and Agate Obelisks

Women who love geology will be especially impressed by a rare mineral obelisk. Amethyst and Agate Obelisks are cut to stand alone—and the sparkle and shine makes each its own amazing piece!


Shop for Amethyst and Agate Obelisks >>

For this reason, an obelisk cut makes a great piece to give as a gift.

4. Jewelry Box

Any women who loves jewelry will be stunned by the shimmer of a natural jewelry box. The jewelry box is a geode with top cut to expose the sparkle of the crystalline center.


Shop for Jewelry Boxes >>

It comes with gems already inside—its natural crystals.

5. Geodes

There’s something about geodes—and women seem to love them. It might be all that extra glimmer contained inside that gets everyone excited about a geode.


Shop for Geodes >>

Remember, it’s what’s inside that counts—so take a look inside the shop, and gift her the perfect geode!

6. Jasper

Jasper is an all-around beautiful and unique piece. There are many varieties, and each one forms a remarkable pattern—but it’s the color that really captures her eye.


Shop Jasper >>

Do you remember her favorite color? Get it in Jasper!

7. Septarian Sculpture

Ladies who love design can appreciate the natural look of a Septarian Sculpture. This stone is comprised of various rocks and minerals to give it lots of contrast and unique qualities.


Shop Septarian >>

Septarian shaped as a pyramid, cube or sphere is sure to impress her.

8. Stalactite Flower

The Stalactite Flower is one eternal alternative to a bouquet of flowers. The beauty in a stalactite flower is in its crystalline structure—and the best part, you won’t ever have to change water!


Shop Stalactite >>

Give her the gift of a flower that never dies!

9. Splash Copper

Splash Copper is a fantastic item for interior design chicks or those who love to decorate with vibrant colors. Brilliant shades of the rainbow make splash copper an appealing gift.


Shop Splash Copper >>

Some women take pride in a beautiful home—if this is your gal, get her some Splash Copper.

10. Ammonite Fossil

There is something about a nautilus spiral that captures a lady’s eye. If she loves to the beach or a walk along the shore, you might consider a beautiful ammonite fossil.


Shop for Ammonite Fossils >>

Some say we are naturally drawn to the shape of a nautilus spiral—so go with something that is sure to capture her eye.

11. Hearts of Crystal, Amethyst, Pyrite and Quartz

The heart is a shape all women can appreciate—it speaks of love, romanticism and passion. Women simply cannot resist the charm of a crystal heart.


Shop Hearts >>

Time’s ticking, and the holidays are almost here. Try our suggestions and shop around for spectacular finds and excellent gifts for her.

Our hearts are now on sale, so take advantage of this opportunity and order her a gift now!


cc: Natisha Jay

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