Founded in 2003, Rockology has been a leader in the gem & mineral community for almost 11 amazing years now. Rockology is a lifelong dream of ours and it has been our greatest pleasure to help share the beauty that mother nature has to offer. The special relationships we have developed with our customers have been lifelong and we look forward to sharing our passion for rocks with you. As a staple at the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show and the Denver Coliseum Gem and Mineral Show, we take special pride in being a leader in mineral wholesale. We are a direct importer of a wide range of materials, with our specialty being in Uruguayan and Brazilian Amethyst and Agate. We work hand-in-hand with rock shop owners, rock and mineral gallery owners, and leading interior designers. Of course, we don’t just do mineral wholesale, we love working directly mineral collectors and fellow rockhounds — after all, that is who we are! Bottom line, we love what we do, and we thank you all for giving us the gift to do it. Thank you for visiting Rockology!


The man, the myth, the legend (and also the original Rockologist). He is the go-to for everything rocks and his passion for minerals is only rivaled by his love for Shade.



Every great team needs a great mascot. Shade is the black lab(radorite) of the team and can frequently be found on Dan’s rock hounding hikes (no pun intended).



While her main job is running the show, her most important task is ensuring the latest minerals make it into the inventory (and not Dan’s private collection).



Most people would call this story luck, but for those of you that know Dan, know that he has the golden touch when it comes to winning a prize. From being caller #9 on a radio show to win concert tickets to a paid trip to the Caribbean, Dan is always in the right place at the right time. The beginnings of Rockology would be no different. An airline ticket won in an auction to benefit the Ronald McDonald House spawned the first trip to Brazil. A leap of faith later (and a lot of twisting of Shelley’s arm), Rockology was born. The rest is history!

Dan in the mines

Dan with a raw un-cut geode

Dan navigating Brazil!

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