Wholesale Agate Slices for Shops

The Agate Slice–A Fine Wholesale Rock and Mineral Item

Are you in search of a new wholesale item to get those customers talking? We have the perfect specimen, the Agate Slice and in bulk—some of the finest cuts of rock we have in our collections.

If you are in need of fine rocks and minerals or a new decorative item to add to your wholesale stock, why not try Agate Slices?

Rockology presents an inside look at why wholesale Agate Slices are a smart choice—and also make great additions to all types of rock and mineral collections.

Agate slices are our specialty and can help add a lot of flavor as a wholesale addition to your warehouse of selection. The finest pieces have been extracted from select locations across the globe to bring together a grand collection of the rarest Agate Slices all in one place.

We‘ve dug up some extraordinary beauties and would like to share this collection of wholesale Agate Slices with other store owners, serious rockhounds and wholesale rock and mineral shops.

What distinguishes the Agate Slice?

  • It Sparkles—it’s a cryptocrystalline variety of silica
  • It’s Quartz—comprised of banded chalcedony
  • It’s Volcanic—these rocks don’t form just anywhere
  • It’s Colorful—they come in bright blues, reds and yellows
  • It’s Beautiful—modern interior designers decorate with Agate Slices

Quick Overview of Agate

The “Agate” stone meaning is derived from the ancient Greek philosopher and naturalist Theophrastus, as he stumbled upon piece of “Agate” along the river Achates over 2,300 years ago. Despite the origins of its name, the harvesting of Agate predates the naming of the stone and can be traced at this particular extraction site as far back as 3,000 years ago—in what is now known as Sicily, Italy. Even so, Agate predates both these accounts, as it has been unearthed as a common material of hardstone carvings from the Bronze Age. Peoples of Knossos and the Minoan culture carved sculptures from Agate.

Agate Stones are formed in the nodules of volcanic rocks that trap silica in layers along the walls. This gives it the bands that distinguish the rings in each cut of an Agate Slice. The siliceous material that forms Agate often fills those holes in the veins or cracks of volcanic passageways.

Truth, Agate is comprised of microscopic quartz crystals that give this stone its shine.

What rare types of wholesale Agate Slices do we offer?

  • Brazilian Agate
  • Uruguayan Agate
  • Agate Slices with Amethyst
  • Agate Slices with Crystal

There are many varieties of Agate that occur in various regions of the world. We hold a selection of different types—the rare, the crystallized and the most spectacular finds—of wholesale Agate Slices in many colors and “looks”. Some find that Agate Slices are great items for interior design, and add an aura of natural beauty to a room. With slices that are distinguished with shades of deep blue, pink, red, orange or yellow bands, you can find a place for most forms of Agate.

Agate Slices are Great for Interior Design

Modern interior decorators love to incorporate objects of natural beauty into a room to give it a more down-to-earth feel. If you have a design shop or business built on home design items, you may just benefit and expand your business with some unique Agate Slices.

The Agate Slice in itself screams “modern addition” when added to a room of fine edges and lines. Since these come in a variety of colors, band patterns and styles, Agate Slices make the perfect interior design addition to accent the room.

Agate is Popular with Metaphysicians

Agate Slices can easily be sold in meditative, spiritual and metaphysical shops. By adding rocks and minerals to your inventory such as wholesale Agate Slices, you have invested in an item that holds actual intrinsic value-thus you can’t go wrong! The natural aesthetic wonder of minerals like the Agate Slice is millions of years in the making. This means that no matter what, someone will always see the value in such a rare piece of treasure that took entire geologic epochs to form.

To those who use stone for metaphysical reasons, Agate is a bringer of balance. But besides this, Agate is known as a popular item among the spiritual community for these reasons:

  • Protects from Negative Energies
  • Provides Strength
  • Increase Harmonious Vibes

Now you know why wholesale rock and mineral shops like us prize the Agate Slice as a top-selling item. Because it’s such a versatile object of true natural beauty.

Take our word for it, and try some wholesale Agate Slices for your shop.

Or, sign up for wholesale with us, to get access to exclusive wholesale products and special wholesale pricing forever. We love what we do and would like to share our wholesale rock and mineral collection with all of you who seek these fine additions.

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