5 Reasons Why Rocks Make a Great Gift

We have all been there.  A birthday or holiday gift is needed but what to get?  Wandering the mall or surfing the internet turns up nothing.  The pressure is on to find something unique, personable, impressive, thoughtful and  attractive.  Surprisingly a mineral specimen, stone  AKA a rock fits the bill.  Here’s why.  

1.  Plain and simple Rocks are art.  Mother nature’s art.  There is nothing more natural, organic and earthly.  Some sparkle, some glimmer.  Some have beautiful patterns and striations of any color of the rainbow.  There are rocks made up of pastel watercolors like a Monet.  There are brilliant and bold rocks resembling a Nemon.  In the end there is no other artist like Mother Nature.

2. No two rocks are alike.   All specimens are one of a kind.   Some are more femine with delicate crystals or intricate detailing.   Some are more masculine with rustic bold features. Every single specimen has its own personality.  If a truly unique gift is what you are after they certainly fit the bill.  

3. Rocks metaphysically are healing.  They enhance the positive in our lives and dismiss the negative.  For example, Amethyst promotes contentment and spirituality.  Citrine attracts wealth, prosperity  and success while simultaneously repelling depression, fears and phobias.  Agate is stabilizing and is  excellent for balancing physical, emotional and intellectual energies. Septarian ensures peace and harmony giving balance to mind body and spirit.  Malachite is the stone of transformation and is used for deep cleaning and healing. Quartz Crystal is preferred for meditation bringing harmony to the soul.  Therefore, a gift of a rock is a very caring gift. 

4.  Rocks fit any decor.   Whether traditional , transitional, contemporary or in between, a specimen on a side or sofa table beautifully adorns any home. An artful collector specimen residing on a bookshelf or an translucent Agate Slice in a window adds visual  interest and appeal.   Rocks are a natural and organic addition to any interior decor. 

5. Rocks are affordable.   There is a specimen that fits any budget.  There are small specimens with large price tags and large specimens with small price tags.   An impressive and unexpected yet modest gift of a rock is easily obtainable. 

If you are looking for a gift with that element of surprise give a rock.  No one remembers the shirt or pajamas they received.  A rock is memorable and enduring and will be displayed with warm thoughts of its giver for years to come.  Who wants  to receive a gift of a rock?  I do!

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