A Fool for Gold

There’s something about Pyrite that is so alluring. Its warm, metal tones give this mineral an appeal all its own. The brass colored tone of pyrite have fooled many a prospector who stumbled upon in thinking they discovered the mother lode of gold – hence its nickname of fools gold – but for the rockhound, pyrite is a winner in its own right.

With its metallic characteristics, pyrite is a spectacular choice to aesthetically ‘warm up’ an existing collection or in creating a new collection from scratch. A chameleon of color, in its natural state pyrite’s gold and brass hues are warm in tone. When honed, it takes on a decidedly cooler, silvery hue while its texture becomes as once silky and intricate, subtle and dramatic, wholly dramatic.

In design, I like to approach pyrite the way I would approach any metallic element. That is, as an accent to give a little glitz and glam to a space. As it is found, the warm gold tones of pyrite are a beautiful accompaniment to other warm colors like browns and honey yellows. Honed, the cool silver attributes are stunning against blues and grays. Using pyrite to highlight other colors in a room gives the entire space a pop of sparkle and gives any collection a bit of dazzle.


Honed pyrite picks up the cool tones of blue in this Brazilian agate


In looking at Pyrite, it’s easy to see why it has held such allure for so many. It’s also easy to think of ways to use it in interior design! Used as you would any other metallic element, it lends itself to a wide range of design ideas. Pieces of natural pyrite would make amazing finials on a curtain rod or gracing a pair of tie backs. Substituting pyrite for pewter or bronze when selecting bookends would bring the same hint of warm metal tones while at the same time introducing texture. From interesting mantel pieces to cabinet pulls to lamp finials… use pyrite anywhere you would use accent hardware or design elements curated in nickel, brass, pewter or any metallic and watch your rock and mineral collection go from being simply an aesthetic touch in your home to a fully function part o the design.

Happy hounding!

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