Drinks on us!

At Rockology we are always striving to improve our valued customer’s experience. Yes — we specialize in hand-selected decorator quality mineral wholesale and providing unique gifts, gift ideas and interior design ideas — but we like to show off our fun side too! We are introducing the Rockology drink line to help provide a standardized scale for every new piece that goes up.

[heading heading_size=”H2″ heading_align=”left” heading_style=”bold_title” v_padding=””]The Big Stuff![/heading] Our fantastic Rockology Pinot Noir (Dan’s Favorite) will help provide a nice scale for the BIG STUFF! The large Amethyst Slabs, Agate with Amethyst Cathedrals, Agate Geodes and Amethyst Geodes, and of course the decorator quality Brazilian and Uruguayan Amethyst Clusters will all pair nicely with our Pinot.

Check out this breath taking Amethyst Formation on a silver stand!

[heading heading_size=”H2″ heading_align=”left” heading_style=”bold_title” v_padding=””]Rise and Shine![/heading] For the early risers out there, the trusty Rockology Coffee Mug will be featured with amazing items such as gift sized amethyst clusters, medium sized agate slices and amethyst slices, as well as our amazing amethyst geodes and agate geodes.

Check out these Petrified Wood Bookends. A great gift!

[heading heading_size=”H2″ heading_align=”left” heading_style=”bold_title” v_padding=””]Don’t Forget to Cork it![/heading] It’s all in details at Rockology. We love, love, love all of the smaller sized accent pieces we carry. Whether they are top notch gift ideas, or perfect for starting a kids rock collection, small polished agate slices, small amethyst and agate geodes and more all show off well with our exclusive Rockology Cork!

Check out an awesome Polished Agate Slice!

Please be sure to click through all images of our NEW material to see the new standarized scale system. While we cannot go back and re-photograph everything to include the scales, if we get enough positive feedback, we will sure do our best to try to!

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