Interior Design with Amethyst Cathedrals

There is something so striking about amethyst geode cathedrals. The exposed layers that lend a fascinating glimpse into their creation, the way the outer layers contrast against the sparkling gems held inside and the sheer size and shapes that they may be found in all work together to create pieces that are infinitely attractive.

Used in interior design, these amethyst cathedrals are a way to add a dramatic statement throughout the home. As alluring as they are, they pieces can be intimidating to place, using them perplexing even the more design savvy.

To help you envision cathedral geodes in your home, here are some of my favorite installation ideas:

Large scale, freestanding pieces are stunning when used to flank an entry door. Used in this manner, the pieces become an architectural statement in and to themselves, so scale is imperative. Thinking of the amethyst cathedrals as columns or pillars can be of help when using these pieces to bring dramatic impact to an entry – simply put, in most places where a column would work, so will a well placed and well chosen cathedral.

For a successful installation, the amethyst cathedrals must be approximately two thirds the height of the door in order to be proportionately pleasing. Any taller, and the pieces will overwhelm the space, any smaller and they will be diminutive in scale relative to the door itself.

At approximately 5’ tall, these amethyst cathedrals would be perfect to use flanking a standard, 7’ – 8’ doorway. Photo courtesy of

At approximately 5’ tall, these amethyst cathedrals would be perfect to use flanking a standard, 7’ – 8’ doorway. Photo courtesy of

My all time favorite way to display mid size amethyst cathedrals is with a fireplace. Try using a matched pair to mimic the look of andirons on a hearth. Particularly effective with gas fireplaces where traditional, functional andirons aren’t necessary, a pair of mid sized amethyst cathedrals gracing the opening of the firebox lends a gorgeous, dramatic statement. Stunning at any time, the reflection of light when the fireplace is in use makes this application a true showstopper. Opt for amethyst cathedrals that are at least one half, and no more than two thirds, the height of the opening of your fireplace (or the viewing area and frame if it’s behind glass) to create a look that is in scale with the fireplace itself.

Another way to introduce an amethyst cathedral to a fireplace is to have the piece mimic the look of the fire itself. It’s a gorgeous look that provides aesthetic warmth without requiring a working fireplace, wood or fuel

 Image courtesy of

Image courtesy of

This ‘no less than one half, no more than two thirds’ rule of thumb when using amethyst cathedrals in your interior design ideas is a safe range. On the maximum end, it provides the pleasing proportions necessary to have your pieces complement rather than overwhelm an architectural detail. On the smaller end, it ensures the pieces won’t be too diminutive and ‘lost’ in the aesthetic.

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