Little Slices of Heaven

Sprucing Up Your Space! Interior Design Ideas Using Agate Slices

Looking for interior design ideas on how to use agate slices in your home? Look no further! These luminescent stunners lend themselves to beautifully to any interior design, giving any room an instant pop of color and interest.

Framed Art

Easily mounted, sliced agate specimens make gorgeous wall art. To create your own art in minutes simply choose a “shadowbox” style frame from any craft store. Mount an agate slice on a piece of foam board using heavy duty, double faced foam tape and give your creation a little extra interest and pizazz by adding a single or double matt. Depending on the amount of space you have to work with, you may choose to frame one or more slices in either a single, multi-point frame or in several single frames that have been grouped together for impact.

Agate Slice Framed

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Agate Slices In Frames

Image courtesy of Creative Designs Inc.


Table Toppers

Have a bigger collection of agate slices you’d like to use to make your space shine? Try using them to create a custom mosaic tabletop. It’s an interior design idea that looks much more difficult than it is and gives previously boring table a huge design boost.

Square or rectangular wooden tables are super easy to work with. Simply attach a piece of trim molding around the edge of your tabletop to create a “wall”. Fill the recess created by the molding with thin set concrete or mortar (you can tint the medium with liquid or powder dye if you’d like) and place the agate slices, pressing gently until they are flush with the concrete to create a smooth surface.

If you have a single, large agate slice you can use the piece as the table itself. Take a large slice and mount it atop a smaller, pre made table to give it an instantly dramatic update or build (or have built) a simple table frame to rest your treasure on.

Agate Slice Table

Image courtesy of Wanderlust Interiors

Holiday Giving

Share your collection by creating gifts made from agate slices! A simple wood, acrylic or glass box adorned with an agate slice makes a completely bespoke gift that speaks well of your creativity.

Agate Slice Gift

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Do you have a great idea about using agate slices? Share it with us! We’d love to see what you’ve created with these beautiful slices of nature.

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