Rock and Mineral Bookends for Bookworms

Petrified Wood, Geode & Agate Bookends for Avid Readers

Are your books overflowing off the shelves? Try a natural solution to your unending book collection—petrified wood, geode and agate bookends. They stand solid like a rock to hold your books in place.

Rock and mineral bookends are millions of years in the making—a solid solution to organize your books with a natural look.

Gift rock and mineral bookends to anyone who loves to read:

  • Geologists
  • Mineralists
  • Rockhounds
  • Rock Collectors
  • Kids Interested in Geology
  • Interior Designers & Decorators

Geologists, mineralists and rockhounds alike will all find the beauty in rock and mineral bookends, as each set displays a unique pattern that reveals an episode in the natural history of the earth. In petrified bookends you will find vibrant shades of red, orange and yellow, with geode bookends—a crystal-filled center, and agate, banding shades of color to contrast.

What’s so special about our rock and mineral bookends?

  • A little piece of history—millions of years old
  • Always unique—no two cuts are the same
  • Interior design savvy—enhances natural look
  • Earth tones—adds to organic atmosphere
  • Intrinsic value—each is a prized piece!

With rock and mineral bookends, you can have a prized piece, a designer look and a rockhound’s delight all in one spectacular sight! Use petrified wood bookends, geode bookends and agate bookends to distinguish a natural look in any bedroom, living space or study.

Petrified Wood Bookends

Petrified wood bookends are fantastic additions to natural themed or organic toned rooms.

The origins of “petrified” wood comes from the Greek word “petro”, which literally means “wood transformed to stone”. Petrified wood is just that—it’s petrified! Over a time period of millions of years, forests located in exactly the right place at exactly the right time underwent drastic changes that took an immediate effect.

Most petrified wood begins as a tree in a forest that was once covered by sediment. As the tree is trapped from exterior oxygen (needed for decomposition), the cells absorb mineral material that forms into stone and voila!—we have a petrified wood tree.


Since petrified wood can be found styled by brilliant color patterns, they make fantastic mood pieces to draw atmosphere into a room that’s designed to set a more natural look. You will notice that the addition of petrified wood of any sort immediately changes the look and feel of an entire display, simply for its unique quality texture and color patterns.

When decorating with rocks and minerals, interior designers will often seek to incorporate natural or organic colors, patterns and textures that simply cannot be found anywhere else.

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Geode Bookends

Geode bookends are for those of you who would like to add some sparkle and shine to a room. You can’t go wrong with the eye-catching shimmer of crystals.

The word “geode” comes from the Greek word for “earth-like”, which hints at its natural mineral appearance. Geodes form from the pockets in layers of sediment through chemical precipitation giving them hollowed out holes covered in mineral matter.


Maybe you would like to trade in those metal bookends in for something more solid, natural and stunning at the same time?

There’s no better way to pull off the look of “luxury” than with the addition of crystals. What makes the geode bookend set such a unique items is its rich crystalline center. Geode bookends add depth to a room with natural color and interesting texture. Not to mention—they sparkle in the light!

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Agate Bookends

Last on the list is the Agate Bookend—distinguished by its unique colored rings and contrasting band patterns. Agate can come in many colors and sizes—from red to blue.


The bands or ring patterns can be thick or narrow and abundant with various shades. Here we have a mix of unique colors such as rustic reds, oranges, corals and yellows to bring out the palette of a room. Agate Bookends are great décor objects for interior designers in that they display rich, nature tones that cannot so easily be recreated.

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If you love to read and have an eye for the aesthetic wonder and beauty of natural interior design objects, then take your pick! The petrified wood bookends add texture, the geode bookends give a room sparkle and shine, and agate bookends compliment the color palette.

Give them as a gift!


cc: Alisha Vargas

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