The Denver Coliseum Gem & Mineral Show

Rock lovers and rockhounds alike will be congregating in early September along the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains in Denver, Colorado.

The draw is the 47th annual Denver Gem and Mineral Show (The Coliseum Show) Sept. 6-14th. However, a lot of the wheeling and dealing for rocks and gems of all kinds will be taking place at the Denver Coliseum Mineral, Fossil and Gem Show. The Coliseum Show is being held at the Denver Coliseum Sept. 6-14 – and Rockology will be there with an outstanding display.

Rockology may be the leading online wholesaler and retailer of highest quality, rarest and most extreme mineral specimens, but their favorite times of the year is when they can see all their favorite customers at Gem Shows around the country. Rockology specializes in Brazilian and Uruguayan agate slices, agate slabs, agate formations, agate geodes, agate with amethyst slices, amethyst geodes, amethyst clusters and museum-quality amethyst cathedrals.

The Denver Coliseum Show features more than 250 dealers and its organizers call it the largest show of its kind in the United States.

The theme of the Denver Gem and Mineral show, being held at the Denver Mart Expo Hall, is “Agate!” Obviously, that is a theme that Rockology can get behind. Various displays of agate have always been a staple of Rockology’s inventory – there are almost 600 pieces of agate available for sale at – and over a thousand more will be available at the Denver Coliseum Show!

Want to know more about agate? Here is a short primer:

Agate (variegated chalcedony quartz) is the oldest stone in recorded history. Agate geodes are layered nodules formed through volcanic activity. These nodules or geodes were filled completely or partially with siliceous material deposited in regular layers.

Brazil offers a plethora of agate, where the southern state, Rio Grande do Sul, is the best-known source. Here, the mines are most commonly plowed fields where geodes are collected.

Agate is most commonly cut and polished into slices, tumbled or carved for home decor and display. Many slices can be backlit to illuminate the slice and display its translucent quality.  Agate is very appealing to collectors due to its intense diversities and multiple personalities. Occasionally, Brazilian agate is dyed creating bright green, pink and blue banding. Rockology prefers to offer natural material and rarely includes dyed or altered specimens.

Agate is commonly used in jewelry, beads, lamps, and decorative arrangements. It also has the unique ability to be inlaid in furniture and countertops. Displaying agate slices and slabs in a window area is a favorite use of Rockology, as it allows the specimen to be backlit by exterior lighting and showcasing its translucent quality.  And did you know that agate is believed to have metaphysical properties? Agate is a stone of protection, making it suitable for children. It is also believed to enhance emotion, intellect, physical balance, and stimulate creativity. Thus, agate is a preferred stone for students and artists alike. Most importantly, agate brings good luck.


Denver Coliseum Show Information

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