Tips for Choosing a Gem and Mineral Wholesaler

Those looking to buy gems and minerals in bulk turn to wholesalers to get the best prices, but anyone can buy wholesale when they know what to look for. Picking up a precious gem such as amethyst or agate at wholesale prices is the perfect way to add to your collection or to pick up a unique piece for your interior design.

Knowing your stones is easy, but finding the right seller can be a challenge. Here are some tips for choosing the best gem and mineral wholesaler.

A retailer specializing in Iznik ceramics shows a piece of the Quartz used to create the “paste”. Photo by Gina Samarotto

A retailer specializing in Iznik ceramics shows a piece of the Quartz used to create the “paste”. Photo by Gina Samarotto

Do Your Research

Google is an amazing tool—use it! Hit the internet and look around for companies that are selling the gems you want at wholesale prices. You are likely to find that each wholesaler has a specialty, and you can use that information to decide which one is the best fit for your needs. The internet is a fabulous thing; you no longer need to buy local to get the best deals.

Rockology specializes in amethyst and agate

Do a thorough sweep of the wholesaler’s website before you make a decision. What do the testimonials say? What information has the wholesaler made available to you about their products?

Blogs are a great way to learn about gems and minerals, and the content a wholesaler shares is likely to give insight into their knowledge and product quality.

Buy a Magazine

Trade magazines are a great way to learn more about specific gems and minerals and the wholesalers who sell them. Look for articles, reviews, and even advertisements to get a feel for who’s who in the industry.

Join a Community

There’s no question that social media is where it’s at these days, and it can be a great resource for any discerning shopper. Find some like-minded rockhounds on Twitter and strike up a conversation. See if any new companies are pinning mineral photos on Pinterest. Search the community boards on Facebook and join a club. Your new virtual friends can help you find the best gem and mineral wholesaler, and can probably assist you with any other questions you may have.

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Ask Around

Nothing beats some good old fashioned advice from a trusted friend. Who do your collector friends buy from? What are the pros and cons of buying online versus in a local shop? Someone in your community knows more about buying from wholesalers than you do, so just ask!

Rockology is Here for You

Ultimately, when purchasing wholesale, you want to go with the best. Rockology’s gem and mineral experts love what they do, so take advantage of their expertise! If you have any questions about which stones might work best in your home or added to your rock collection, we’d love to help.

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