7 Resources for Wholesale Rock and Mineral Shops

Rock and Mineral Wholesale Shop Top Resources

Are you a serious rockhound, a rock and mineral shop, or mineral dealer who’s looking for top resources in wholesale rocks and minerals? We have the solution for you! Here is a list of some of the best resources for wholesale rock and mineral dealers.

We at Rockology welcome you to the excitement and joys of rock collecting, but first have some surprising news for you.

The resources you need to secure your rock collection lie with us and other so-called “professional” rock and mineral dealers (rockhounds who have chosen to carry their picks and shovels with them over to the “dark side” of the cave by digging for a living) and the many others who share our passion of rockhounding to the depths of the earth.

Here’s a list of top wholesale rock and mineral resources we’ve come up with:

1. Your Local Rock, Mineral and Geology Clubs

First it’s good to go local to see what types of resources you are dealing with in the region. A good place to start would be with the local mineralogical and geological societies and clubs set up in your area. A list of these societies associated with the American Federation of Mineralogical Societies (AMFS) can be found on their website. Some local mineral societies and clubs have the best information for what resources are available in the area and what types of regulations apply to each dig site.

Rock and Mineral Societies also arrange extraction events and offer meetings to learn more about the geology and cultivation of certain rocks and minerals through festivals, shows or classes.

2. Local Gem and Mineral Shows

Don’t miss out on an opportunity to scope the scenes at your local Gem and Mineral Shows and festivals. If not for the chance to buy local wholesale items, you might find that it helps to do a little networking in the region. All it takes is a bit of information to lead you to the perfect dig site or even an invaluable associate in the rock and mineral trade.

Therefore for networking, local mineral information, dig sites and general wholesale rock and mineral dealing opportunities, check the gem and mineral shows listings for local rock, gem and mineral clubs and events.

3. Any International Gem and Mineral Showcase

Treat yourself to the widest selection possible—all unveiled right before the eyes!

What you truly need is an International Gem and Mineral Showcase experience, any wholesale rock and mineral dealer’s dream. It’s the ability to showcase your rocks and minerals, network with other rockhounds, choose from an international selection and build a delicious stockpile that truly makes your hotcakes sell! This is where you will find wholesale options of the rarest, the best priced finds and even a little leeway to haggle! Some of the best deals will be made at the gem and mineral show.

4. Take Advantage of This Online Directory of Suppliers and Shops

To get in touch with those experts in the industry who have really built up a stockpile of excellent rock and mineral specimens, the internet has a database for that. Take a look at this fantastic list of rock and mineral wholesale specialists alphabetically by letter (see us there under “Rockology” J). If you are looking for a certain type of rock or mineral, sometimes it’s best to search the list for a specialty rock and mineral shop.

5. Use this Mineral Map to Locate Dig Sites

Wholesale rock and mineral specialists sometimes have a hand at digging up specimens. For any mineral dealer or rock shop who is looking to extract your next stockpile, try checking this map of minerals by the U.S. Geological Survey. We dare you to dream big and think about a dig far away—maybe Brazil? The weather is quite nice there.

6. Oh, and you can’t pass up a good deal on Ebay!

If you don’t have an account, I suggest you add one! There might just be an opportunity to pick up rare finds, great deals or reasonable wholesale specimens of a smaller size. One way to add rich beauties to your stockpile is with a little search on Ebay.com.

7. Set up shop on Etsy. Join Us.

It might also do you good to make a profile on other various trade websites such as Etsy.com, where many wholesale rock and mineral shop opportunities can be found. You can buy, sell and enjoy the benefit of wholesale options.


We hope this helped. If you haven’t already, read the Ultimate Guide to the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show—a free little gift from one rockhound to another.

Happy specimen hunting, and see you at the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show!

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