6 Modern Interior Design Ideas with Rocks and Minerals

How to Design a Room with Prized Rocks and Minerals

Do you have an empty canvas at home–that ordinary room just waiting to be designed? Why not add a little color, sparkle and shine to those walls! Use crystals, rocks and minerals to complete your modern interior design.

We at Rockology have compiled a list of modern interior design ideas using some of our favorite natural sculptures–the rare and wondrous rocks and minerals that are sure to give your guests something to talk about next visit.

1. Add Accents to Allow Colors to Pop

First you must establish a color pallette that really resonates with the mood you wish to accomplish in the room–will it be hot or cold? Or maybe two opposites on the color wheel like blue and orange, yellow and purple or red and green to accent the color scheme?

Once this is accomplished, you will need to know that there will be colors which are dominant throughout the room and some that are simply accents. An excellent accent for modern interior design is an object that brings about an impact through color. Try brightening up a room with a vivid version of one of your dominant colors (or one opposite on the color wheel), and watch the whole thing pop. A great way to do this is with color-rich minerals such as the violet shades of Amethyst, the yellows and blues of Agate or some Arizona Splash Copper, as it comes in an array of vibrant colors and various shades.



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2. Add Texture to Give it Atmosphere

If your room takes on a sleek modern look–lined with metal and glass–the addition of shimmering crystal accents will sharpen the atmosphere. Try mixing the rich dark citrine slabs and crystal clusters to warm a cozy corner of the room. Does your room require jagged edges like a slice of stalactite to give it a more rugged look, or maybe it needs a softer touch with the round cottony look like a cloud of tiny crystals? Great texture can be incorporated into every room using rock slices and mineral sculptures that really add to the atmosphere.



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3. Add Contrast with Interesting Patterns

Sometimes the best patterns can be found in layers of geologic sediment and raw rock and mineral material. Did you know there is actually a cut called Zebra Stone? It holds the natural quality of the animal for which it’s named, as it sports glimmering black and white zebra stripes. Another rare and awe-inspiring favorite is the fluid turquoise appearance of African Malachite–it almost looks like Flubber! Interesting patterns of rocks and minerals cannot be matched and tend to capture the eye by adding a visually intriguing quality to the room.


4. Use Similar Shapes and Symmetries

One major guideline for interior home design is to first pick, round or square? Once you decide whether you would like to design with straight or curved lines, you know whether to pick an object with edges. If your room is round themed, circular objects tend to sit well with it. But add a cube to a circle, and the whole thing could fall apart. If you like a little edge, you should probably go with the “square” anyway, since modern interior design favors linear looks of symmetry.

Septarian Cubes and other slabs cut into cubes can be found in all shapes and sizes. Those who stuck around to go with “round” will be happy to know that petrified wood and round stalactites also suffice. And for everyone else, go with asymmetrical crystals just to throw them off.


5. Pick A Conversation Piece

If you are looking for interior design ideas for some of the most popular living spaces in the home, then you will certainly need a conversation piece. Truly, we all know this object speaks for itself, but when you go to pick it out, keep in mind that it must have the power to “stand alone”. The best piece to spark a conversation is something unusual, beautiful or rare. The task of the “conversation piece” is best done if the material is inherently rare, or the thing itself holds a story.


6. Always Repeat the Original Theme

All rooms must have a theme, whether purely an aesthetic category in style (modern, traditional) or more pronounced (like a beach theme). If you chose to go with the colors of a specific region such as the desert, the forest, the mountains or the coast, it is a good idea to tie in select pieces to accent the scenery. Fossils of ammonites or nautilus shells go great with sea-side living themes, and a geologist’s study would not be complete without a pair of geode bookends.


With these tips for decorating with rocks and minerals, your next room is sure to set a new standard for the rest of the home. If you would like more modern interior design ideas, check out Little Slices of Heaven for tips with Agate Slices.


cc: Christopher Barson

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