It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like … Geodes

Interior Design Ideas for Using Amethyst Geodes for Your Holiday Decorating!

All year long you passionately add to your collection by scouring shows and websites, stores and shops for yet another fabulous geode. With a hobby as beautiful as this, why wouldn’t you showcase it for the holidays?

With its deep purple hue, Amethyst is a gorgeous color to work with and during the holidays, it’s more spectacular than ever. Here are some ideas to make this holiday season your most “rockhound friendly” ever!

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Pre-made geode ornaments are available and ready for you to hang on the tree.

Using geodes of different sizes and shapes creates interest and by layering them alongside more traditional ornaments in the same rich shade, you’ll have a designer inspired holiday tree so stunning, it will leave guests swooning.

The purple on purple effect you’ll create is a rich, dramatic look. Add some fabric ribbon in the same palette to bring in even more drama.

Amethyst holiday decoration ideas

Amethyst colored Holiday decorations

Holiday Gift Ideas

These amethyst charmers are set in 24K gold electroplate or silver and come ready with an “eye”. To make your holiday gift-wrapping a gift in itself, try tying a geode charm onto package. Your gifts will look gorgeous under the tree and your friends and family will love receiving such a lovely “extra” for the holidays.

Amethyst Pendant Gift Ideas

Amethyst Pendant Gift Ideas

Nothing says holidays like a room illuminated by candlelight. Take your geode love to the next level by setting votive candles in these exquisite amethyst cups. It’s a great, new interior design idea based on a timeless classic.

Amethyst geode candle holder

Amethyst Geode Candle Holder. image courtesy of

Bring your passion to the holiday table! The natural cracks and crevices found in geodes make them perfect place card holders for a holiday dinner your guests wont soon forget.

Amethyst card holder

image courtesy of

Amethyst card holder

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Using heavy cardstock cut to size, simply handwrite guest’s names – or print them out on a computer – cut the cardstock to size and tuck the placecards into or against the geode for some instant design appeal.

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