Building With Passion

Good design is exemplified through spaces that are not only beautiful to look at but are warm, welcoming and comfortable to live in. Surrounding yourself with colors you love, textures that provoke depth and interest, furnishings that envelop you in comfort and the objects that bring a smile to your face is a sure-fire plan in designing a space destined to become a favorite room.

Rockhounds may already know that adding a special specimen or two can make the room; but rock savvy designers know that incorporating spectacular stones and minerals into the actual construction of the space can elevate a room to an entirely new level.

Delving into your passion for rock and mineral collecting is a way to push design boundaries by not just decorating your space with stone, but creating a space that is distinctly yours from the ground up.

Tucked into the bucolic Hudson Valley region in New York State, the original owners of a Federal style colonial put their personal stamp in their family room by constructing the bar and fireplace with stones unearthed and collected during the construction of their home.

Pieces of granite, sandstone, amethyst, mica schist and dolomite – all indigenous to the region – were reclaimed during the building process and used to create several unique design elements in the home itself. The striking effect was brought to an even higher level of distinction with the help of cleverly positioned and installed LED lighting that showcases the collection with drama.

Functioning as a permanent exhibit, the bar and hearth not only ground the design of the home to the earth upon which it sits but ignited the current owners new found passion for collecting.

The current owners of the home were fascinated by the surprises the bar and hearth and found themselves turning into rockhounds. “When we entertain in the bar, people are absolutely fascinated with the rocks found in the construction. It was a lot of fun for us to research what each stone was. Pointing out the rocks and explaining what they are has become a highlight for guests – they’ve never seen anything like it. ”

Not to be outdone by the rustic beauty of the lower level family room, a fireplace crafted of roughly hewn marble block dominates the formal living area of the home. While the textured, veined block and accompanying glossy, Carrera hearthstone may not be local to the area; the artisan focal point furthers the design of the home as a whole and brings attention to the myriad organic materials used throughout.


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