Spherical, Lyrical Design

Behold the orb. Classic. Stunning. Striking. Long a favorite with designers, this simple geometric element can be an inspired jumping off point for Rockhounds striving to bring the passion held for their hobby to the forefront of their home’s design.

Designers create cohesive, distinctive spaces by identifying common element in the materials they choose and then repeating those elements throughout the room. Replicating this technique by repeating colors, textures – and in this case the round shape – found in elements already in a space catapults the level of distinction of the design as a whole

Select the specimens you add to a space to bring impact and bold color or choose components that lend a subtle, cohesively designed element. The choice is yours, with no right or wrong answer.

Try combining spheres of opulent Jade and mystical African Malachite to create a collection that gleams with rich and varied green tones. When displayed in a room featuring pillows, throws or other accessories in the same color palette, the stones and minerals become an exotic focal point.

The organic, polished, warm brown tones found in Petrified Wood or Amber glow atop a hardwood table; bringing out the natural beauty of the materials used in the hardwood floors or furnishings already found within the space.

Showcasing these pieces in a way that not only highlights the specimens’ intrinsic beauty, but also serves as an elegant design addition to the space can be readily achieved by using pieces you may already own as a “canvas” for the rocks and minerals. Try staging an assortment of polished orbs on a silver tray or within a crystal bowl. To create more sculptural pieces that would lend themselves well to a mantel or as a collection staged atop a console or shelf, consider spheres mounted atop handsomely crafted wood plinths of various heights..

When choosing other elements for the room, hold tight to the spherical concept by selecting components that pay homage for the shape. Chairs with a ball and claw foot, round tables, chests and consoles with “bun” feet or lighting fixtures work together to bring a curated cohesion to the room.

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