Interior Design Ideas with Gems and Minerals

Whether you’re experienced with design or just starting out, finding fresh interior design ideas for important spaces can be a challenge. There are endless decorating opportunities when you choose natural materials. Gems and minerals such as agate and amethyst stone are ideal for bringing any room a fresh, natural look.

Create a Focal Point

Living rooms come in all shapes and colors, just like the banded agate stone. Use a large piece of agate to create a colorful focal point over a fireplace or on a bare wall. The flow of the bands draws in the eye as they work their way around the stone, and agate comes in many varieties from a cool, rich blue to a calm, comforting cinnamon. The great size and color variety of agate makes it a spectacular choice for a focal point in any room of the house.

Another way to create a focal point in your interior design is to use smaller gems and minerals such as Carnelian and Jasper to produce a beautiful back splash.


Add a Raw Element to Shelves

Bookshelves and floating shelves are both good for storage or just a place for your unique interior design ideas. Using petrified wood bookends on a shelf gives the room an earthy feel, while an amethyst stone will add a much needed pop of color. Put the gem or mineral of your choice on a stand and shine a small spot light on it to highlight this special element.

Want something truly stunning? Try a copper splash!

Dream Up a Theme

Uncommon pieces are excellent for inspiring you to dream up original interior design ideas. A deep amethyst stone can excite a designer to use bold colors and accents while a must-have sandstone sculpture can set a spark for a designer to go with an edgy, southwestern look. Pick a gem or mineral that stands out to you and create a room that it would look good in.

Embrace the Loose Ends

Small pieces of amethyst stone and crystal hearts make lovely accents on end tables, bathroom sinks, and up on shelves. Put some slivers of stone on display in unlikely places or feel free to display many loose stones in a bowl—an elegant alternative to wax fruit.

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Stones are for All Interiors

Gems and minerals are ideal for inspiring fresh interior design ideas, but Rockology is here to help as well! Ask one of our experts if you have a design challenge or need to know more about our precious stones.

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