Man and Nature Collide: The Creation of Arizona Splash Copper

In the heart of the southwest, miners bring copper forth from the bowels of the earth. The metal is soft and easily manipulated, and when heated and cooled in water, splash copper is created. It’s a captivating work of art  created by man with ingredients from the earth to stun and delight all who encounter it.

Properties of Copper

Copper reflects red and orange light, giving off a nice rusty color. Although copper has a low reactivity level with other elements, it works extremely well as a conductor for both heat and electricity, making it highly sought after in the construction, electrical, and plumbing industries.

Copper can be found in the air, the water, and in food. It is essential to organs and metabolic functions working properly in humans.


Copper Mining in Arizona

The copper deposits in Arizona are some of the largest quantities in the world, second only to deposits in Chile and Peru. The type of copper in Arizona was formed when magma from volcanos rose to the earth’s upper crust between 50 and 80 million years ago.

The arid climate of Arizona and limited erosion has preserved the copper deposits for our generation.

The Process of Making Splash Copper

Copper is heated up to a staggering 2,200 degrees fahrenheit and “splashed” onto a piece of metal to cool. Pieces are then dunked in trough of water to speed up the cooling process and after a second heating, the splash copper forms a colorful layer of patina which looks lovely and protects the copper beneath it.

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Splash Copper for Interior Design

These splash copper pieces are truly unique. They showcase the contrasting elements of natural beauty and manmade processes in harmony with one another. The metallic sheen and vibrant shades of pink, orange, purple and sometimes even blue form organic shapes that will steal the show in every room.

Copper is thought to be a mineral of energy, and it splash copper bowls and displays certain bring a dynamic energy to interior spaces. The color of the splash will change throughout the day as the lighting in the room changes.


Tips for Maintaining Your Splash Copper

Once you’ve chosen a stunning piece and added it to your home design, be sure to keep your splash copper indoors because it is easily malleable and can be eroded when exposed to the elements.

Splash copper should be cleaned with a clean, dry cloth.

Rockology’s Copper Collection

If you are in need of some interior design ideas, look to splash copper for inspiration. Our collection includes many fabulous pieces of both bowls and splashes in addition to several raw copper pieces. The array of shapes and colors in stock will give you many great options to choose from including aquamarine Michigan splash coppers and copper trees.

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