Landscaping Rocks for Unique Outdoor Design

A beautiful, inviting outdoor space is essential for modern living. Whether you want to create a custom oasis or plan to add value to your home, innovative landscaping is the way to go, and rocks add a natural, organic element to every landscaping design.

River Rock

One of the best landscaping rocks out there, river rock comes in a variety of colors and sizes. Most of these stones come in white or grayish hues and have mineral speckles throughout. River rock is easy to locate and not very expensive to purchase.

River rock is used to create dry river beds and drain water away from the property. It looks best when utilized as a contrasting element through splashes of flora.


Pea gravel. Crushed granite gravel. Piedmont gravel. The possibilities are endless! Gravel shades vary from dark to light, and it is ideal for walkways, filling in spaces between larger stones, and lining flower beds.

Gravel is typically pretty small, but larger variations exist and can be used to create a modern, edgy look. It can be used in unique ways by using different color varieties to create movement or custom design work.


Yes, that’s right, fossils. Ever think to use a stunning shell fossil for a focal point in your yard? Fossils are a fun and unique way to incorporate rocks into your landscaping design. Use them near plant life or on top of other rocks (such as river rock) to create a contrast and make the fossils stand out from the rest.

Rockology’s Fossil Collection


Sandstone typically comes in blocks and is used for creating barrier walls in yards. This landscaping rock, however, can be used in more elegant, fashionable ways such as sculptures as focal points and large slabs for stairways.

Utah Sandstone Sculpture

Sandstone is composed of sand and mineral particles layered on top of one another in water and desert environments. It comes in a variety of colors including red, purple, and pink, making it a great choice for any designer looking to make a vibrant, unique living space.


Tips for Maintaining Your Rock Landscaping

Although rock landscaping has a beautiful look, it can be difficult to maintain. Upkeep is key. Place landscaping fabric along the ground where you plan to place rocks to avoid weeds from creeping through. Spray weed killer just in case. Use a blower to remove debris such as leaves, dirt, and snow as the seasons change.

Need some more outdoor design ideas? Rockology is here to help! Contact us and we can help you find the perfect rocks and minerals for your outdoor space.

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