5 Gems and Minerals that Never Go Out of Style

Gems and minerals have adorned human clothing, furniture, and living spaces for millennia. What is it that draws us in? Time hasn’t changed our love of gems and minerals much. Here are five top gems that never go out of style.


This stone is different from most in that it comes in many, many colors—sometimes even two colors in one stone! The watermelon tourmaline is highly valued and provides a lovely gem for any kind of accessory.

Tourmaline is very hard, making it ideal for being used in jewelry and it isn’t terribly expensive, so those who are looking to rock a large rock without a hefty price tag can do so.


This stone has an awesome story; diamonds are made when carbon atoms bond together under lots of pressure and form crystals. The result is stunning. Blue, yellow, red, orange, brown—the colors of diamonds vary, but the most popular one still tends to be white. There is something about the clean, crisp look of a white diamond that screams opulence and elegance.


As far as gems and minerals go, crystals are definitely a favorite for interior design. Crystals are found everywhere in nature from snowflakes to salt, but the most impressive examples are mined from the earth.


This shiny little gem can add sparkle to everything from jewelry to your living room’s bookshelf. It can come in many forms such as quartz crystal or amethyst crystal.

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Rubies are considered to be one of the four precious stones along with diamonds, emeralds, and sapphires. Unlike many other stones, ruby only comes in one color: red. The hue of the stone can vary from pink to red, and a stone does not meet the minimum saturation requirements, it’s considered to be a sapphire. The darker, more vibrant the red, the more valuable the ruby is.

Ruby is the birthstone of July and represents love, health and wisdom.


In the time of the ancients, Greeks used amethyst to ward off intoxication. Today this semi precious stone—a form of quartz—is typically just used for jewelry. However, this rich violet gem is fantastic for interior design when used in a more natural form.

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The clusters of little purple spikes bring dimension to interior design, as well as a raw, natural element. Amethyst slices are beautiful in displays and clusters can be used to create everything from lamp bases to ornaments.

Amethyst lamp base and finial. Photo courtesy of crafturday.com

Amethyst lamp base and finial. Photo courtesy of crafturday.com

So Many Gems, So Little Time

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