Gems and Minerals for Luxury Home Decor

Nothing says luxury like brilliant, luminescent gems and minerals, but bracelets and necklaces aren’t the only places to display such opulence. There are endless opportunities in your home for creative interior design, and incorporating these luxurious gems and minerals will give your dwelling an extravagant, inviting look.

Everything Amethyst

Accent piece, lamp base, and even a sink—is there anything amethyst can’t do? We don’t think so! This versatile stone is the epitome of opulence and can be used for whatever you can dream up.

Amethyst chandelier? Yes please.

Amethyst sink in power room. Photo courtesy of

Amethyst sink in power room. Photo courtesy of

This stone is pretty tough, making it ideal for use in many types of decor. Too much force can, however, break it, so it’s best to keep amethyst out of play spaces and rooms dominated by the kids. It’s one of the most stunning gems and minerals available for interior design.

Natural Luxury

Although amethyst comes from the earth, its vibrant purple peaks look anything but natural. Other minerals such as sandstone and petrified wood have a more earthy feel while still looking luxurious. Choose from a palette of browns, tans, grays, greens, and rusty reds to complement your current decor.

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Slabs of petrified wood look nice on display, and larger eye-catching pieces make beautiful centerpieces.

Sandstone has a great many purposes for both indoor and outdoor use. From patios to fireplaces, sandstone adds earth tones and a raw feel to any space. Add a little luxury to your room when creatively incorporating sandstone.

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Abundance of Agate

On a shelf or over a mantel, agate looks lavish. The swirling bands, rich with color, tend to stand out in a room. While a large slab of agate makes an ideal focal point in a living or dining room, lots of smaller pieces delight the lover of luxury. Out of all the gems and minerals, agate allows the designer the most opportunities for customization.

Gem Slices

Agate can (and should) be used to create works of art. Here are some stellar uses for more than one slab of agate:

  • A “picture”
  • Clock
  • Back splash or fireplace
  • Counter top or table top
  • Chandelier
  • “Stained glass” window

Use agate to create custom luxury design items in your home.

Tips for Luxury Home Decor

There are two key elements to keep in mind when designing for a luxury home: high-quality materials and custom pieces. Gems and minerals can make unique fixtures or displays for your home. Need some tips on how to incorporate these elements into your design? Rockology’s mineral experts are here to offer suggestions and point you in the right direction. Call us today to get started.

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