Interior Design Ideas: Carnelian in the Kitchen

From the impurities created in silica comes the lovely little red stone carnelian. For centuries this semi-precious stone has been used by royalty and nobles to adorn clothing and jewelry. Because hot wax doesn’t stick to carnelian, it was used for signet or seal rings in Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome.

Polished stones can take on hues that range from red to orange, and the size of the stone makes it a stunning addition to kitchen decor that displays natural colors.

All About Carnelian

Carnelian is a form of chalcedony infused with iron oxide, which gives it its signature red color. Free form carnelian is small and pebble-like when polished. This is the most popular form of carnelian because jagged surfaces don’t showcase its inner beauty. It can be milky in appearance, and the veins in each piece provide the stone with depth and give a stunning visual.

The glassy carnelian stone exudes a feeling of warmth and is known to aid in endurance and motivation. What better stone to place in a kitchen?

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Today carnelian is primarily sourced from Australia, India, and Brazil making it a hot commodity in the United States.

Carnelian Kitchen Design Ideas

A collection of carnelian pebbles makes a stunning accent. Use them to create a custom backsplash in the kitchen. The warm, natural color complements most designs.

Ever see a table top made from pennies? The variation in color of carnelian makes it great for similar projects. The medium is just much more valuable! Because carnelian can be small, the loose stones are sometimes used to make swirls, letters, or pictures, producing movement and texture in custom work. They can also be used for hardware on cabinets.


Decorate light fixtures with many small stones or use one large piece as a focal point in the base of a lamp or hanging light.

Carnelian is malleable enough to be used for sculptures and is a favorite medium for statues of Buddha.

Incorporating Carnelian

This semi-precious stone is easy to incorporate into most designs because of its size and color. The natural amber shades work well in most settings and provide rooms with a warm, homey feel.

Want to use carnelian, but still not quite sure how it will work best? Ask a Rockology mineral expert! Rockology can help with all of your interior design questions.

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