Tips for Unique Kitchen Design: Agate

Over time, pockets in old lava flows fill with silica and the stunning mineral known as agate is formed. These stones are characterized by the band of mineral deposits that form in their centers. The eye-catching bands come in all shapes and sizes, and slices of agate are ideal for interior design.

Agate has so many uses, but what is the best way to incorporate it into your kitchen design? Here are a few tips for using agate in one of the busiest, most important rooms of the house.

Create a Surface

Kitchens are all about countertops. Chefs need space to prepare food, and those enjoying the fruits of those labors need a place to eat it. Slices of agate can be creatively arranged to produce a one-of-a-kind countertop in a color of your choosing.


The many colors and sizes of agate make it easy to use for custom counters. If you already have your heart set on a different material, agate is also a good choice for a backsplash with definite appeal.

Let There Be Light

Agate accents provide the “wow” factor in kitchens. Use slices of it to make striking light fixtures.

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The translucent nature of the agate stone is perfect for original sconces and will set the mood around the room. Hang several together from the ceiling as a beautiful chandelier with a very natural feel. Use the chandelier in a dining area or over an island. Smaller pieces of agate can even be used to line a lamp shade.

Establish a Focal Point

The kitchen needs some focus too! Large slices of agate are ideal for creating a focal point in any room.

Truly enormous slices of agate stone can be used for a rugged, natural looking table top or to create an accent wall instead of using paint or wallpaper to set it apart.

It’s All About Detail

Smaller slices of agate can be used to add subtle detail to the kitchen as cabinet knobs and centerpieces. Who really needs dying flowers and bowls of fake fruit? There are plenty of unique ways to incorporate agate into your kitchen!


Agate is Our Specialty

At Rockology, we specialize in providing high-quality agate stone and showing you what to do with it. Ask one of our experts for tips on how to incorporate agate into your kitchen or design plans for other rooms of the house. Agate may just be the solution you were searching for! Rockology is here to assist with all of your interior design queries.

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