Purple Paradise: Amethyst Stone in the Kitchen

Figs. Plums. Eggplant. Grapes. Blackberries. Purple is a color that simply belongs in the kitchen, and amethyst stone is the way to do it.

Purple rarely occurs in nature, but when it does, the results are exquisite. The color itself is associated with imagination and inspiration and is believed to have calming effects on those who utilize it. Purification is a benefit of amethyst; what better mineral to have in the space where you cook?

Purple with a Purpose

Color is a great way to take your kitchen from funky to fabulous. Purple looks lovely on an accent wall or even on cabinets. Adding luxurious touches with natural elements will take your design to the next level.

Amethyst geode candle holder

Amethyst Geode Candle Holder. image courtesy of artfire.com

Here are some tips for incorporating the amethyst stone into your kitchen interior design.

Use Amethyst Stone in Prominent Places

This gorgeous gem stands out, so don’t try to keep it contained. Place amethyst stone in prominent places such as on an island or on a shelf where it can be viewed and enjoyed by all who come into the kitchen.

Try adding an amethyst cluster to a hutch or near a window—somewhere it can get a bunch of light to reflect across the room.

Utilize Unique Qualities

Amethyst comes in all shapes and sizes, making it ideal for unique design concepts. It can be rugged or it can be smooth. Use it to create texture in an otherwise clean-cut space. Amethyst can make a stunning sink or hang it from the ceiling as a picture-perfect light fixture. Slices of Amethyst stone combine to form a rare-looking countertop.

Ask an Expert What You Can Do with Amethyst Stone

For a more raw, natural look, add pieces of amethyst to the wall which adds both color and texture to the kitchen.

Amethyst sink in power room. Photo courtesy of crafturday.com

Amethyst sink in power room. Photo courtesy of crafturday.com

Design is in the Details

Purple is the color of luxury, and incorporating amethyst stone into the small design details of a kitchen will make it a truly special space. Rough pieces of amethyst are ideal for adorning silverware, tableware, and glassware.

Shop Amethyst Now

Amethyst can be small enough to be used as cabinet knobs and large enough to form the base of a table.

Help with Amethyst in the Kitchen

From royal purple walls to pure, nature-inspired sinks, amethyst does it all. If you still need some interior design ideas, Rockology is here to help! Our experts specialize in amethyst and agate, so your beautiful new kitchen is in good hands.

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