Selling Tips for Wholesale Rock and Mineral Shops

Tips for Selling More Rocks and Minerals

With a few tips, sell your wholesale stock of rock and mineral specimens in no time. We would like to let you in on all the little secrets that help your crystals, rocks and minerals sell themselves!

We at Rockology would like to let you in on a few tips and tricks to help you sell more rocks and minerals. What is it that captures the attention of a rockhound or what makes most people admire a crystal for the first time?

It’s all in the appearances. There are just a few things you can do to get more people looking, handling and admiring the rocks and minerals you carry in your shop. With these tips, you may find that with little time you will need to replenish your wholesale rock and mineral stock–as your items will practically sell themselves!

Here’s a few tips to sell more specimens:

1. It’s All in the Display

When it comes to rocks and minerals, the trick is all in the display. When your inventory includes amazing pieces of crystal, amethyst or shimmering stones of any kind, try shining light on the display to set the whole thing off. The glow of a brilliant stone is sure to catch any customer’s eye.

The crystalline structure of some rocks and minerals naturally reflects light back to the viewer with brilliant intensity due to the hexagonal chemistry of the mineral. This works much like the intense white glow of snow on the ground.


2. Focus on What’s Unique and Rare

If you have lots of minerals in stock, try to build each display case around a few unique or rare pieces—a trick that raises the intrigue or apparent value of those smaller stones around it. Although most shops stock an array of wholesale rock and mineral specimens from small to large and common to rare, you can always capture their attention with an extraordinary piece that draws them over the display.

We may have just what you need–the rarest and most extraordinary specimens of them all. If you are curious, try doing wholesale rock and mineral business with us.


3. Signs with Properties and Benefits

If you own a metaphysical, massage or holistic shop, you may purchase wholesale rocks and minerals for various purposes and benefits. Always list the range of metaphysical properties or alternative uses for all items in stock—along with the “chakra” each is combined with for meditative purposes.

It’s also a great idea to name a particular reason something is used. For example, if you have a stone that allows the wearer to feel connected to the earth, suggest this stone for a person who lives in the big city and would like to be reminded of nature. For something that gives you confidence, suggest it for a person who speaks in public. Stones are inspirational talismans.


4. Try Etsy to Expand Online

One of the best tools out there to flip your wholesale rocks and minerals is the online store It’s free to open up shop on Etsy and allows you expand your inventory to online outlets. Etsy is an easy way for people to search for all their favorite items online, so you’re items will practically sell themselves.

This is a great free and easy tool for rock and mineral shops to sell more items by expanding their business online!


5. Stunning Photographs

If you plan to sell rocks and minerals online, the key to getting items to sell is to show off the natural crystalline structure or bands of color contained within the specimen. You seriously might want to consider investing in a better camera or craft a better “stage” to master lighting techniques.

It may seem like a pretty straightforward thing to take a picture of a rock—but we assure you it is not! Although, once you get the hang of it, your pictures will look phenomenal.


6. Display Interior Design Items

Another great way for customers to see the value of your wholesale stock of small rocks and minerals is to use them as design items—for example, a large quantity of small rocks can be used as an interior design item inside a clear glass vase. On the other hand, higher quality and rare pieces are easiest sold when your customers can see the vision in mind.

That is, display the piece as a decoration amongst other like colors or designs to set off the desired “look” you can accomplish in a room with the particular item.

Are you a wholesale rock and mineral shop? If you would like more spectacular and unique rocks and minerals for your collection, we would love to do business with you!

Take a look around our rock and mineral shop and find something that captures your attention.



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